Home Design Through Digital Applications


jasa desain interior

Jasa Desain Interior – After collecting money for years, eventually the budget to build a house is available. Moreover, you already have enough land to build a dream house.

In order for you to have a shadow like what your home plan will be, try to design through this application. Easy to use, really.

Design Home

There are many examples of home decor in this application that can be adjusted to the land area. In fact, you can change some elements on the inside, such as floor colors, wallpaper, and the form of the ceiling.

You also can adjust the design of the bathroom, design rooms, with other rooms.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

You will be very pampered with various interior designs in this application. Various styles of decoration are available, ranging from bohemian, elegant classic style, to the interior design of a country house. Not infrequently there is a sale for certain products.


This is the most fitting application if you want to replace furniture at home. This app will help you estimate which areas are suitable for certain furniture.

Before you move the entire item, you can also see the results in this application, so you can imagine how the room with the furniture later.

3D Home Layout

This application is very easy to use and its contents are a variety of detailed home design. You can close or keep the image so you can see the corner of the room clearly.

There are a variety of rooms that you can see, and they are all available in a wide variety of buildings. Very helpful, if you want to design a small house.

Color Snap Studio

If confused determine the color of the wall that suits your home, this application could be an option. There are many color options that you can customize with your room photos.


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